ZENITRAM Real Estate Services Inc

Faithful performance is our bond....

Will Buy Property


Thinking about selling your property? Here are some advantages in dealing with ZRS, Inc.

  • I am interested in buying your property, not listing it
  • I buy for cash in most instances, which means that there will be no financing contingencies
  • I can usually close very quickly, sometimes as soon as ten days
  • I can usually purchase the property in "AS-IS" condition and subject to any and all city code violations
  • I am a no-nonsense person and will put together a simple deal with no false promises

If you would like more information about my interest in your property, please don't hesitate to call. If your property is listed with a broker, please let them know that I am a buyer.

Property Management

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • 25 Years Experience
  • Asset Protection
  • Tenant Relations
  • Minimize Risk
  • Maximize Value

Who are We?

Zenitram Real Estate Services, Inc.. (ZRS) specializes in building management of investment property that is under performing or need to be recovered to satisfy outstanding debt.

ZRS works with estates, courts, banks and invidual investors to maximize value for all stake holders and return the investment to profitability.

Got a Problem?

ZRS manages with a "hands on" approach. Taking into account the unique problems of each property and providing timely reporting on all building activities.

ZRS will make an assessment of the situation and suggest available options to achieve profitable results.

Where Can You Find Us?

4123 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60639

Call us at 773-772-6262 for a consulting and references
E-mail us: zrsrealty1452@gmail.com



Faithful Performance is our Bond....

Zenitram Real Estate Services (ZRS) has been representing the interests of banks and financial institutions for over 20 years in the Chicago Metro Area. At ZRS, we have earned the trust of courts, government agencies, and parties with contractual interest to be appointed as receiver in legal disputes.

As receivers, ZRS has a solid record of appointments by courts, contractual interests, or government officials in taking custody of property, businesses, and rents and profits of insolvent parties. We have sold and/or improved the disposition of numerous properties in receivership. You can expect the following from ZRS:

  • We are honest and tell you the truth.
  • We follow instructions, yet exercise prudent discretion when required.
  • We are faithful to the interest of all parties.

It’s that simple. But keeping those guidelines, in this market, requires experience, expertise, and resolve to get the job done. ZRS has handled distressed, abandoned, underperforming loans, and real estate in the Chicagoland area with a solid record of commitment to our clients’ goals. This is how we do it:

  • Upon request we will meet with you and discuss whatever services you may require from ZRS as either receivers or consultants. (This can be done prior to the commencement of foreclosure proceedings.)
  • We will survey the asset in question and report to you our opinion of the asset’s value, sustainability, and prospects for sale or development.
  • During foreclosure, we will manage and implement an action plan to retain tenancy, make repairs or market the property. During this period ZRS will:

    • Prepare court reports and attend chancery, eviction and housing court hearings as required.
    • Prepare monthly financial reports.
    • Maintain a dialog with our clients on how their goals are being met and/or discuss any modifications ZRS or our client deems necessary.
    • Build strategies to market, advertise or lease the asset or property in question.
  • After the foreclosure process is complete ZRS can continue to provide management and disposition services to help maximize asset recovery.

ZRS has what it takes to professionally act in the capacity of receiver. We have experience in working a wide range of markets in the Chicagoland area and all the diversity that entails. We get the job done. Most importantly, each assignment is handled with the utmost integrity and honesty, providing our clients with the confidence that their work is being handled properly

Receivership… a job that needs to be done and at ZRS, we are very good at doing just that!


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